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Hi!  My name is Pam Tan and I’m very excited to introduce myself and offer a much needed service in our area.  I am an educational consultant and advocate and recently started Tan Educational Consulting. 

My inspiration came after realizing my own son (at the time he was 7 years old, now 11) needed additional help.  Although I have a M.Ed. in Special Education and taught for 10 years, I still felt overwhelmed and confused.  It took almost a year to get a correct diagnosis and begin therapy and tutoring.  Now that he is on the right track and successful in school, I am ready to help other parents and provide support and services to them.  I understand how you feel, both professionally and personally.

Our mission is to support and empower parents to become effective team members in their child’s education and ensure he or she receives the best education to meet their unique needs. 

Our goal is to help parents create exceptional plans for their exceptional children.

Please keep my services in mind if you are at the park or a soccer game and hear a parent expressing their concerns about their child’s academic and/or behavioral functioning in school or at home.


Posted on May 7, 2013 and filed under Services.